Buttercup for Browsers 2.0

3 min readOct 28, 2018

There’s been a lot going on recently in terms of platform development at MadDev, and we’re doing our best to ensure that we don’t neglect any part of our infrastructure as we prepare the next big product. Our browser extension, currently available for Chrome and Firefox, has just received a huge UI overhaul!

The revamped UI boasts a much clearer, uncluttered interface

We’ve redesigned a lot of the core components in the extension, unifying the design across extension pages and menus. We’ve also moved a lot of the page-based functionality into the extension menu for easier access.

Rebuilding the extension’s UI has also presented us with several opportunities in terms of UX improvement — such as a dark mode.

Unlock vault prompt, dark mode 🌃

The new popup menu allows for some quick actions via a context list, including the new Dark Mode toggle.

The popup page itself has been remodelled to bring focus to the contents of the vaults, with the vaults themselves being listed in the Vaults dropdown.

Users can open the extension menu and immediately select an item they wish to open and log in with.

We’re also happy to announce the addition of a settings menu where users can quickly adjust settings like whether or not to show the auto-unlock page on start-up or if the save-dialog for new logins should be shown.

To improve the accessibility of account credentials, we’ve also added the ability to view item properties both in the login dialog and the extension menu.

Login dialog (in-page)
Login item selection and properties view

With these minor accessibility improvements and the overall UI update, the browser extension has become more of a fully-fledged application rather than a browser plug-in. The extension may never replace the desktop application as a standalone password vault, but it does have to do a lot of heavy lifting to provide all-in-one style convenience to the user. We feel that this major release has brought us that much closer to the application we want this to be.

Expect the extension update to be available in early November.




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