Buttercup Wins 20i’s 2023 FOSS Awards

2 min readJun 14, 2023

We’re super proud to announce that Buttercup has come first in 20i’s Password Manager category for their 2023 FOSS awards, announced today.

We’re mostly at a loss of words, but the win certainly makes us proud considering the amount of effort and time we’ve put into Buttercup so far, and for the awesome community that has brought some incredible features and knowledge to the project. It also goes without saying that all of our OpenCollective supporters have made this possible through consistent donations that help us keep our platform alive through hosting and software licenses.

Buttercup has come a long way from being just a hobby project — it’s used by thousands of people today, storing passwords, secrets, notes, files and who knows what. We’ve got some great ideas in the works for new features to expand Buttercup’s versatility, as well as its hosting options. This award gives us fuel to keep pushing and to hopefully achieve all of our goals in the very near future.

Buttercup Desktop’s Github Stars over time

As with all open source software, Buttercup still needs your help to continue thriving… consider posting issues on Github, making a PR to fix a bug or add a feature, or even consider donating to help us pay for things that keep Buttercup alive.

Buttercup’s OpenCollective contributors

Also don’t forget all the other FOSS applications mentioned on 20i’s FOSS awards, there’s some killer applications there that also deserve your attention and support. A big congrats to Gimp, Joplin, Element and others who came out in top in their respective categories!




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