Using Local Files in the Browser Extension

2 min readNov 27, 2018

Buttercup supports a variety of connection types for accessing vaults both locally and remotely. Until recently the desktop application has been the only member of the Buttercup suite to support storing vault files on the local disk, but we’ve just added support for local files in the browser extension.

Computer source for accessing vaults

When adding a new vault in the extension, choosing the “Computer” item will allow the user to connect via the desktop application:

Connection dialog for adding a local file

For the “Connect to Desktop” action to work, the latest desktop application should be installed and the “Enable Browser Access” feature enabled:

After connecting, a code will appear in the desktop application that you should enter in the “Authorization Code” input. If this is entered correctly, the file browser will appear so that a local file can be chosen and added to the extension:

For those wanting local-only access to their vault file, this feature will enable loading & saving of local vault files without the need to connect to any file hosting service.




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